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Our split CD "Welcome to America" with the Pour Boys is now out and available. You can purchase it by sending us $10 and the address you want it sent to or by going to Ear X-tacy and picking one up also available at Underground Sounds 2003 Highland Ave Louisville.
Also available on I-TUNES
BETTER YET! Come to our CD release party on the 20th of May at 1 Theater Square (Next to BBC on 4th street) and buy one then and watch 5 bands rock Downtown Louisville. The Show is Free to All Ages! FIRST BAND TO START AT 2 PM!!! Don't be late.
Stickers, Button and T-shirts are all available for purchase, just drop us an e-mail and We can get them to you. T-shirts are $7, Buttons and stickers are 3 for $1 (any combination you want). If you buy a shirt you get a sticker or button for free.

  If anyone has pictures from any show, We would love to see them. Send them to:
If there good we will post them here
MP3's For Free!  --Give us some fucking feedback on what you like.
 Click to stream or right click > save target as > to download.  Songs are between 2-3Mb.

Drank Myself (Waste of my Time)

5 Star General

Life Stinks




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