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4/15/06 On April 23rd Clown Vomit Records, our Record company (ran by member of this band and another) will be haveing a Fund Raiser in Wes's Pasture (900 N. Pope Lick Rd.). We will be playing, along with the Pour Boys, and New to Louisville, The Guttersluts. This show/party/cookout is to raise the last bucks we need for our split CD, "Welcome to America". The CD is due to be released VERY SOON! Come out and help us out. Hot dogs and burgers for sale, A garage sale of stuff will be going on and 3 bands! Should be a blast. Bring a lawn chair and hang out if nothing else! A $3 donation at the gate will help us out.
Other News. The CD Release party is tentatively set for the 20th of May. This is going to be in Theater Square on 4th street in Louisville, Right next to the BBC. Open air,  all ages. Details to follow
3/15/06 It looks like the CD is going to happen soon. The songs have been mastered and we have the music ready to go to the presses! Now its a matter of us getting our lazy asses together to finish the cover and all the other crap that needs to be done... But We are going to say that this thing will be out by mid April.
The Pour Boys have a show or two comming up but unfortunately for the world, The Stoner Moms are without public perfomance dates at this time. We are working on that. Shedules sucked lately.
12/15/05 Next Show, January 7th! At the Rudyard Kipling. We will be trying out some new songs and of course keeping some of our old ones too. Should be a great show with the Vibrolas and Suspected Terrorist. Three bands 3 bucks. More updates to this web site to be happening soon. Not that we are getting all that many hits.... Ok well except for Terry.  The Split CD with the Pour Boys is being delayed until Spring due to financial problem... imagine that. But It is still comming so hold on. If you want it faster, come to our shows.
Stickers, Button and T-shirts are all available for purchase, just drop us an e-mail and We can get them to you. T-shirts are $7, Buttons and stickers are 3 for $1 (any combination you want). If you buy a shirt you get a sticker or button for free.
A CD is in the near future. All this studio time is not just for fun ya know!
9/18/05: Show at Pappy's Sports bar on the 7th of October @ 7PM. We are playing with The Pour Boys, This Aint No Disco and one other band possible. Waiting to hear if they can make it. Should be fun anyways. If you have never seen This Ain't No Disco, then your in for a riot on stage. If you have never seen us. Well then you just Suck unless you come out and redeam yourself!
9/06/05 We are almost done in the Studio and I promise that we will post some of the results here very soon. The songs are turning out excellent and the Pour Boys have some hard driving songs completed already. Soon... I promise you will be able to hear them.
Sunday, July 24th we will be playing Dutch's Tavern in St Matthews with ARCH and Christine. This is an ALL AGES SHOW. It will also be early with the first band starting at around 6. (we are the first band so don't even think about being late for this one) this should be a good time with a $5 door and 3 or more bands. Dutch's is a small but fun place.
Bulldog Cafe show was great. Added new pics for everyone to see. Decided I need to get a bigger website to hold more. "This Ain't No Disco" and "Pour Boys" put on a great show as well. We gotta do this again soon people! Still haven't seen a sticker on anyones car as I drive around town but we handed out about 50 of them. Too bad for all you who missed it, now your gonna have to fork over a couple of quarters to get one of these coveted Vinyl gems.
Next Show will be this comming Sunday, June 12th at the Bulldog cafe on Manslick Rd. Down in the south end. Pour Boys and This Aint No Disco are also gonna be there. Stoner Moms Stickers are in and the first 20 people in the door will get one for free (Like 20 people are gonna read this by Sunday) Anyways, Show starts at 8 Sharp so get there a bit early to make sure you don't miss none of the show. Should be a Great time! Oh Yea, ALL AGES!
Stoner Moms will be showing their Ugly Faces at the Old Louisville Coffeehouse on Saturday, May 14th. This is an all ages show with Furlong. Should be fun, Small place, couple of band and it will be Early. First Band will start at 7 PM. Don't know much more than that. Rumors of other bands to be playing but the details are scarce. Just Go and See what happens, No matter what, you will have a good time then you can find some party afterwards to hit up after your got your adreniline pumping.
Other updates, New T-shirts will be comming as well as Stoner Mom Stickers. The Stickers should be in by the first of June. Free 100 to our friends.
Update 4/4/05
New show on short notice but we are taking what we can get. Just get your ass to Pappy's in Louisville and see what were gonna do. (8807 3rd St rd.)
Fountain Square sinners out of Bowling Green are playing and The Pour Boys and ourselves will be supportsing. We need to get bodies there to show some support. Show starts at 9 PM .
Update 1/6/05
After 90 inches of snow for Christmas and a sinister NewYear's party, the band has had a few practices and is pretty much up to fightin' weight again.  Keswick? the Rud? another "open practice" at Twice Told?  Steve's basement? Wherever we play in this new year, we promise to uphold the standards of showmanship and musicianry that you've come to love.  We WILL have a full lenghth album out this year!!!!..though it's not a "resolution" or anything.....
If you don't believe us - check out the preliminary, rough, not finished, not mixed, first draft songs below....but only if you're in the band, right?
ps - I finally found the DV tape of the Pour Boys show and should have it transfered to DVD sometime in the future....along with Amber's band - the Supervillains - at the Rud on Halloween, and the Stoner Moms - at Twice Told......Just don't rush me or I'll make you watch Napoleon Dynamite 5 times in a row!
Update 11/23/04
After a few issues and events, We did play Saturday at Twice Told Cafe. I have been told by many that it was our best show yet, although we may disagree. Amber was a little out of it due to some events of the day and was on the verge of collapse but kicked ass as needed. We didn't get to our new stuff and played an abreviated set but the energy was high on the stage and in front of it. We appreciate all everyone that came to see us. Big thanks to the Pour Boys for the use of the drums. You guys played a great show and kicked ass. 
Update 1/6/05
Added 2 new practice, rough, first draft, soft in the middle mixes of 5 Star General and Call Me Ike.

Update 11/12/04
Twice Told Cafe show for 20 Nov is on, then off and now on again with Fork in Toaster, and Possible appearance by Pour Boys as well as another band that we don't know the name of as of yet. The had screwed up the listing but it should be straight by today sometime.
Update 10/15/04
Got rid of the Snowboard pictures and I'm looking for some new ones to put up. I also changed the MP3's to the better mix so feel free to check them out.
Update 9/27/04
Were at it again... finally. Stoner Moms at Twice Told Performance Cafe Saturday 2 October. An all ages show so no excuses. Check out Pour Boys as well.
Hopefully we will be playing more show around Lousiville in the near future.
Update 7/10/04
We will be playing at Tailgaters on the 16th of July 2004.  Need everyone to come, the show is at 9 PM all ages. Also playing are Straight Laced and Ants in Argument.
Be there or to hell with ya!
We just finished recording our first demo on Saturday (6-12-04).
Below are 4 rough mixes.  We recorded 11 songs total...not sure
how many will make them to a CD but if you are viewing this page
I'm sure you'll get a copy soon.  
You know it's serious punk rock
if 11 songs can be completed, with overdubs, in 5 hours - 6hours with mixdown.  At this rate we'll be working on our 9th album by the end of summer. - eat your heart out GBV.
Big thanks to Monster (Jeff) for engineering the sound and recording us...sorry Mr. Monster if I messed up the mix.  Also infinite thank you's and appreciation to Tara, who let us turn her basement into a recording studio/bar....and yes, all of the great studios use dismantled ping-pong tables and blankets as sound isolation chambers.