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Band Update
Stoner Moms

Wednesday, 5 April 2006

New Song
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Band Update
Ok, one of the new songs recorded in CV records studio is posted. Its just a practice take but I like the sound of it.

Posted by stonermoms at 8:02 PM EDT

Monday, 3 April 2006

Time slipping
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Band Update
Time seems to be flying by with little to no progress that can be measured. Even though we have the CD complete and the artwork finally done with all the crap needed it seems we can't get our act together and get the split CD with the Pour Boys, "Welcome to America" out and available. Haveing no money really sucks.
We are working on some great new songs. We have done some prelim recording of them and may even put some MP3s of them up on the main page. If anyone actually reads this then send us a request to hear them and I'll stop drinking one night and post them.
We have no, I REPEAT, NO upcomming shows, much to my dismay. We need to get out and play but getting a gig in this town seems to be a real pain lately, No bands call us to play yet want to jump on board when we set up a show. Weird huh. Fuck em. We plan on setting up at least two shows soon at two venues. maybe we will only play with bands that write a contract to return the favor. (Yea right).
So to sum it up. We need someone to invest about $500 bucks in our sorry ass record company to get the CD wrapped up, We need some shows and we need some bands that want to play a show.
I have decided that I am focusing on nothing else until the CD is out and we play at least 2 more shows. (but thats only 1 person speaking out of 4)

Posted by stonermoms at 1:15 PM EDT

Monday, 4 April 2005

Show on the 24th is Cancelled!
Mood:  incredulous
Well the Show on the 24th does not look like its gonna happen but...... Come out to Pappy's to see us, the Pour Boys and Fountain Square Sinners this Friday night, April 8th, Festivities start at 9!
Fountain Square Sinners rock. I found some downloadable songs by searching for them with google and saw a bit of them last week.
OK Come to the show and support us and the Pour Boys and check F.S.S. out!

Posted by stonermoms at 3:02 PM EDT

Thursday, 24 March 2005

Looks Like...
Mood:  caffeinated
Topic: Shows
It looks like Uncle Pleasants is the place to be... on the 24th of April. I know its a Sunday Night, I know its the day after Thundar over Louisville, Quit your bitching, come out to a show, see some great energy music live. We are playing with Straight Laced and all are invited. We will be going on early so as to make it easier on all you lightweights.
More details to follow, I think there is another band but I'm not sure, Maybe the Pour Boys. it will be an 18 and over show.

Posted by stonermoms at 3:59 PM EST

Thursday, 9 December 2004

Big Plans
Mood:  loud
Topic: Shows
Here is what were thinking. We want to put on a show at the Keswic Democratic club, all ages but only ourselves and Pour Boys will confim to play. that means less than 2 hours. We need 1 or 2 more bands. If anyone had any ideas tell us. Door will be as little as possible. Estimating between 3 and 5 bucks proceeds to cover the costs and then split between bands. Considered asking Strait Laced to play, any thoughts? anyone? Bueller? Send us an e-mail at . I don't think anyone other than band mates have ever read this so I'm not expecting too many e-mail. We do get 5 or so hits a day on our website but that means nothing. So here is the deal, the first person to send an e-mail from this web site will win a prize. They can choose from our array of highly coveted crap. (In other words, you get a t-shirt). This should be funny... How many weeks before I get a response...

Posted by stonermoms at 11:12 AM EST

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Super Villians
Mood:  caffeinated
Just wanted to say that Halloween was killed this year by the elections and falling on Sunday. This sucks since it is the ultimate holiday for me. BUT there was a redeaming factor. I got to see the legendary Super Villians in action at the Rud the night before. Now given that the Drummer has something in common with Stoner Moms this may be a bia review but who gives a fuck, no one reads what I write here anyways. It was a lot of fun. They set went on and on but never got boring. The bassist was in and out of the set. The band was intoxicated and all of that together made the hanging Barbie body parts fit right in. Can't wait to see the video that was creatively shot of this. Just thought anyone that read this should know what they missed. Too bad they got the plug pulled at the end but then again with the time change happening someplace during the set who can say if they had too much time or now enough? make me wonder...

Posted by stonermoms at 10:09 AM EST

Tuesday, 12 October 2004

Needing Updates
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: Band Update
Decided today that the site needs some updates. Looking at last years Snowboard pictures isn't much fun anymore. I also noticed that he MP3's are the wrong mixes. We have better and I will try and get them replaced. We missed an opportunity this past Sunday to play at Uncle Pleasants but it was extreemly short notice and we couldn't get it together. I hope we didn't piss off anyone but there was no way we could get it together in that short of Notice. If anyone wants to book us though let us know. You can contact Joe and That mail gets checked quite often. Our next show that we have is on November 20, @ Twice Told further details will be posted on the web site as they become available.

Posted by stonermoms at 12:08 PM EDT

Monday, 4 October 2004

Another night
Mood:  loud
Topic: Shows
Saturday was not a shining moment in the History of the Stoner Moms. Although we pulled it off and people had a good time, we effed up some of our oldest and easiest tunes while our new material came off without a hitch. Just goes to show you what can happen. We had fun and we played well. Final Notice were really talented. A bunch of young kids doing there music and doing it well. Pour Boys but on a brief but excellent set. We will be back at Twice Told on the 20th of November. Check us out and see if we can keep our shit together for that one.

Posted by stonermoms at 10:04 AM EDT

Thursday, 30 September 2004

Another day
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Shows
Wondering how to get the band more exposure, Hope this weekend will help. Gonna try and promote the web site for the downloads of MP3's.
Also Pulling out our equipment from our usual practice space and moving on. Its not that we didn't like our practice space but for now it seems that a personal impass has come up between one of the Member of Stoner Moms and the property owner. I do want to express our greatest and utmost appreciation to Her for all the time she has had to put up with us and the greif that we may have given her. She dosen't even subscribe to our genre of Music yet she let us practice in her home for months on end.

Posted by stonermoms at 12:19 PM EDT

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Twice Told
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Shows
Well we play at Twice Told Performanc Cafe on the 2 of October,which is this Saturday. On a weeked with a million things going on and no advertisement for the show I hope 10 people show up. It may be chalked up as a on stage practice if the crowd is bleak. The Pour Boys are playing also. If they can keep a singer they they kick behind. Hope they bring their Notepad! (Just kidding guys). Trust me, we know all about keeping singers.

Posted by stonermoms at 9:51 AM EDT

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